About My Blog

I started writing a blog because I need it for computer in school. I write about gymnastics because I love it.  I like going to all the competitions, they have them in a lot of different places. My last one was in Lancaster.   Computer is my favorite subject in school because of blogging.


My Mock Meet

The gymnastics competition season just started. I had my mock meet a couple weeks ago. A mock meet is a practice meet that you do all of your routines at like a regular meet. In a mock meet they see what score you start the year off with, so when it is over at your next practice you can work on the skills you did wrong. For me I had to work on my leap on beam, my cast on bars, staying with my music on floor and my form on vault. I like beam the best because you don’t get so tired on it like on other events. I like regular meets better but some people don’t.